Company Overview

IMAGINE CREATION COMBINATOR (ICC) is a cutting-edge company deeply rooted in the Web3 gaming circuit, dedicated to promoting the integration and innovation of blockchain technology and the gaming and entertainment industry. With creativity, innovation and creation as the core, we provide a full range of support and services for Web3 game developers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts through comprehensive conference affairs, brand (PR) services and Web3 game entrepreneurship camp, and promote the development and innovation of Web3 game industry.

Industry Background

WEB3 game is a form of game based on blockchain technology and decentralized network. The combination of WEB3 technology can bring higher security, interactivity, playability and profitability to the game, and also change the business model of the game industry and the social behavior of players. WEB3 games are in a stage of rapid development, more and more traditional game giants began to lay out in the field of WEB3, and the concept of native full-chain games has gradually emerged. WEB3 games represent the future of the game industry.

2 Billion

The game transaction volume reached

430 Million

Number of users breaks through

Data shows that in 2023, the transaction volume of WEB3 games on the entire network will reach 2 billion, and the number of users will exceed 430 million.

Competitive Advantage

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